Why use Optimal Heat?

- Achieving (MER) Target
- Design (HEN) to achieve (MER) Target
- Too Complex to recover Waste Heat
- Need a Proven Systematic Heat
- Recovery Approach


What is inside Optimal Heat?

- Automatic generation of minimum hot and cold utility target in Composite Curves.
- Recommends the optimal heat exchanger network (HEN) configuration in a grid diagram.
- Allow manual heat exchanger network design to modify proposed HEN configuration.
- Selection of appropriate utilities level and amount with the Composite Curves module.
- Determine the capital and operating costs of the heat exchange network.
- The selection of the right minimum temperature difference (MTD) in Pinch Analysis.
- Aid the user to identify beneficial modifications.​


What can Optimal Heat do?

- Audit your plant for waste heat recovery potential.
- Reduce your company fuel utility bills.
- Reduce your greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.
- Analyse your whole plant energy recovery potential.
- Simple, easy and fast solutions for complex problems.

Interested in more smart system solution?

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