The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever

but is online training the way forward? The answer is yes, with more challenges faced by industrial professionals constantly, people are looking for more flexible ways to develop skills without compromising on their work.

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Our Participant's Testimonials

“In the light of Pinch Analysis development, process plants should consider, retrofit beyond energy audit”.”

Maintenance Manager, Palm Oleo

““I personally appreciate the practical case studies and work sessions and the software/program developed by PROSPECT of UTM”

Utility Engineer, Petronas Gas Berhad

““A very useful tool to redesign or troubleshoot heat exchanger/ water network to save utility cost””

Energy Audit Engineer, GreenTech Malaysia

““An efficient technique for analysis and reduction of utilities leading to significant savings””

Senior Process Engineer, Riau Pulp and Paper Mill

““I am impressed on the power of pinch for energy and utility reductions””

Senior Process Engineer, Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis


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